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Aimoré Rabbit Conejo

Nothing To Hide, Independent and Neutral

I still respecting Mr. President
I still respecting Mr. President Trump  :)

this world is all flowers
everybody loves one another

no, I am not a bootlicker

Wacom tablet UD1218R

I have a big tablet Wacom UD1218R but it is useless.
Wacom do not support Apple computer since they changed ADB port to USB port.
ʻʻwe were betrayed by Appleʼʼ, thought that jap company.
i wasted money also got angry of tablets, i did everything only with the mouse

An unexpected Historic Day
Today was elected Mr. Trump president of U.S.A.
Congratulations to him, from Aimore Rabbit, a Citizen of The World
I wish a good government, He and his followers respect another races; i have a jap face, it's not easy hold this burden.
Don´t be affraid of me, i don't want to be an immigrant :)

Oh, wait
GERMANY 7 x 1 banania
40% over all products are taxes
US$ 10 billion grabbed by corruption at only one government company
442% per year, credit card interest rate
and i have no money to a new glasses

Alemanha 7 x 1 banania
40% em tudo são impostos
US$ 10 bilhões em corrupção em só uma estatal
442% ao ano de taxa de juro no cartão de crédito
e eu não tenho nada para óculos novo, não consigo ver direito


  Too bad. I have noticed there are russian sites trying install over an endless loop without success, something in my LJ account, it would be "advertisement". Or not?
Is it because Crimea crisis? I think Crimea always was Russia.

*sarcastic mode* hahaha, my innocence, i'm not famous, please.
i'm a ... hmmm ... i'm a piece of shit, yes it is

Aimoré and Companion ^^
Aimore e companhia

Asexuality - Assexualidade
Essa palavra é maravilhosa: Assexual. Refere-se a um ser sem sexo. Eu sou um deles.
Nunca pensei em sexo desde criança, nem sei o que seja isso e nunca o fiz. Hoje tenho 48 anos.

This word is marvelous: Asexual = "A being without sex". I'm one  :)
Never thought about sex, i don't know what it is. I'm 48 years old.
I laugh hard while watching pron movies, it's like a fight between two —or more— people. I resume the remote control searching for another cabble tv channel. Intercourse is somewhat annoying.
Sure, my life is something strange too. LOL
Am I lying ? Nope. Am I a religious ? NO

God. Our world has now 7,000,000,000 people.

Green Power — Forever Young, Diamond In The Sun
I voted today.
It's Fantastic! A Green Power has born right now. Sign Of The Times.
Green Party — Partido Verde getting 20% vows.

Forever Young — Song by Alphaville — 1985
Supersized image link

Forever Young

Chile Flag

Bandera de Chile
Una grande bandera de Chile hecha con mucho amor

(2304 x 1536 pixels, 300 dpi)

[happened a mining disaster in Chile, the mine workers were rescued]

DOS From Aimore

Hello! An old computer floppy disc, i forgot its measures. 5", I think

Honduras Flag

Bandera de Honduras
Una grande bandera de Honduras para ustedes
(3072 x 1536 pixels, 300 dpi)

Street market picture #2
street market picture number 2

Note how cheap are the prices. :) My world has no profiteer, no greed, no ostentation.
The rabbit is holding a manioc

An old unreleased picture, just a quick scratch one.

Wearing nice shoes

Aimore wearing square toe shoes

Supersized image link

Walking in the street

Diplomatic troubles: Brazil — Italy
Happened a regrettable diplomatic fact in my country, a political trouble with Italy.
An italian murderer after flee from France, arrived in Brazil and it was promptly arrested. Even under requests from Italian justice, he was liberated by corrupt bearded president.
I am worried about me and the integrity of innocent Brazilians living abroad, mainly in Italy.
Please, do not look at me as representative of governments. If you are intending to do some kind of retaliation, be reasonable, don't do it on me.
If you want to do some kind of retaliation, look for material from official representatives, there are many "ambassadors artists of the country" receiving fortunes to do so.
I have no one support from governments, no one advertiser. What I gain is just censorship.
P.S. I'm agreeable to Italy authorities.

Sensei by Ceno
Sensei by Ceno Le Polalo

Sensei — un hermoso dibujo hecho por Ceno, Oso Polar,
 él es un Artista que gusta dibujar en Flash con tableta
Haga click en el dibujo para ver otras imagenes de Ceno.

Um belo desenho feito por Ceno,
um Artista que gosta de Cartoon
Por favor não é puxa saquismo

A nice picture from Ceno, the Polar Bear
An Artist who likes Cartoon and works with Flash and tablet.
Click the image to see another Ceno’s works

My Button Collection / Gif pictures / 142 x 142 pixels
Chile Chine Germany France Greece Korea New Zealand South Africa

My Buttons Collection — click on the button to access the pages
Gif pictures — 142 x 142 pixels — 72 pixels
Each one named with two letters internet code

Firefox Download Day — JUNE, 17th
Firefox Download Day — JUNE, 17th


Old fresh news

1) “Many illegal people are being kicked out from rich countries”

But, don’t be afraid of me. I don’t look for a job and I don’t want to be an immigrant. Also, this world has lot of people.
I think: “3 people with milliard dollars and milliard people with 3 dollars”
© Dionisio Codama Aimore Rabbit
I LOVE money, this thing can purchases beautiful square toe shoes and beautiful CDs. *GRINS*

2) Papers showing Mars closely photos.
Mars is a sterile planet. It never had life.
Always I laugh hard watching those science fiction movies.


Please read: my pictures are Family friendly.
I respect everything and everybody, despite my deep depression.
I do all my things with love and dedication.
Keep a little trust on me, at least.

The Captain Of Her Heart — Double

The Captain Of Her Heart — Double — 1985

Supersized image link

The Captain of Her Heart

Equinoxe — 1978

Equinoxe — Jean Michel Jarre — 1978

Supersized image link

Equinoxe with Aimore

Sinuous lane at left side ahead
sinuous lane ahead

Gimp & Wilber
Wilber from Gimp


conejito, bun, coelho

Little Animal useless testing
In every cry of every man,
In every Infant's cry of fear,

William Blake (1757~1827)

Listening Radio
Radio dial

Bergen The Little Polar Bear and Popsicle
Bergen, a cute little polar bear Bergen, the Little Polar Bear



Logos Live At Dominion — Tangerine Dream — 1982

Group the Mammals playing "Logos" — Tangerine Dream — 1982
Krigg Hamster, Aimoré Rabbit, Panda Liu and Dionisio Codama: all TD Fan

Supersized image link

Group The Mammals playing Tangerine Dream

Wish You Were Here
Wish You Were Here — Song by Pink Floyd
Supersized image link

Wish You Were Here

Banderas de los Paises Independientes
Haga click arriba y accedas mi sitio de banderas, dibujado por Aimoré, conejo
Muy grato por tu visita.

Welcome Mr. Bush
Mr. Bush comes here, in Brazil , at Sao Paulo City.
I say:
Welcome, Mr. Bush. :)

God Bless You and me

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Political Post and updates • Post Político
Partido Verde — The Green Party